The Executive Search Process at Robert Lindsay Associates

1. Brief and Research

The client briefs Robert Lindsay Associates on their requirements and a rigorous search begins for the most suitable candidates within the field. Initial contact is made and conducted discreetly to ascertain potential interest and suitability for the role.

2. Delivery of Shortlist

The strongest candidates are presented to the client on a shortlist of around five. Robert Lindsay Associates submit detailed and perceptive written feedback on each candidate and then work with the client to conduct the interview process.

3. Successful Appointment

After interviews and subsequent consultation the successful candidate is chosen and the position is offered officially. Robert Lindsay Associates will operate on behalf of the client where necessary to negotiate the package and ensure that the appointment is secured successfully.

Using our creative style and flexible structure, Robert Lindsay Associates have the freedom to take on any case on an individual basis. Our size ensures we remain agile, and we can discuss any project or process a client may need without the unwieldy machinery of a large corporate firm to slow things down.

We pride ourselves on always being contactable, and approach our work with energy and tenacity. This translates to a bespoke experience for our clients, with unrivalled levels of response and dedication.

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